MyMathLab – New Homework Approach – Test 2 Update

March 15, 2010 at 4:19 pm Leave a comment

As I have blogged previously (on February 1 and February 15) I have started a new approach in my elementary algebra class that changed the way I use MyMathLab.

The quick recap:

  • MML HW for each section worth 0%.
  • Section HW score of at least 85% is required to access the section quiz, using the prerequisite feature.
  • MML Quizzes worth 20% of overall grade – section quizzes, chapter quizzes, Student Learning Outcome (SLO) quizzes.
  • Pencil & Paper work is worth 10% – weekly HW assignments & regular in class assessments.
  • Traditional exams & cumulative final exam worth 70%.

I gave the second test last week, and the results were once again really strong. Of the 43 students that took the exam there were 20 A’s (46.5%), 9 B’s, 6 C’s, 4 D’s, and 4 F’s. That’s 35 out of 43, or 81.3%, that passed the exam. In spite of the fact that two students scored 17 and 15, the mean score was 81.4 out of 100. (The mean was 84.5 without these two students.) The median score was 89.

I’ll reflect on their progress in later weeks, but it has truly been a joy to walk around the class and see that these students really are understanding the material. They come to class fully prepared, and are actively participating in each class session. So far, so good. I can’t wait to survey them about the approach – maybe I won’t wait until the end of the semester.



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