Creating MyMathLab Homework (for Beginners)

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I’m going back to the beginning with this article on creating homework assignments in MyMathLab.

Nuts & Bolts

To begin to create an assignment, open the MyMathLab Homework/Test Manager – go to your Control Panel and click on the MyMathLab Homework/Test Manager link.  Under “Create Assignment” select Create Homework. (You can also create a quiz or test this way.)

  • On screen 1, name your assignment and click next.
  • On screen 2, select the chapter and/or section you want to work on. For beginners I recommend using the Preview & Add button. This allows you to look at each problem as the student would see it. You can decide to add a problem or skip to the next problem. You can also use Preview & Remove to look through and delete problems. Once you are satisfied with your assignment, click next to advance to screen 3.
  • On screen 3 you can enter due dates, add a prerequisite to your assignment, limit the number of attempts for each question, and adjust other settings. When you are finished, click on the Save & Assign button.

You’re done!

Strategy From Experience

Selecting Exercises Although I usually create my assignments using the Preview and Add feature, but there are times I go a different route.  Our algebra text has roughly 30 available questions per section and I feel that I can get through those questions pretty efficiently with Preview & Add. However, our prealgebra text has about 80 available problems per section, which is a lot to go through. In this case I print out the listing of available exercises and select problems while looking at the available problems in the textbook. To find this listing of online exercises, click on Instructor Resources in the Control Panel.

How Many Problems? I find that in elementary and intermediate algebra, approximately 20 exercises per section works well. In prealgebra I raise it to approximately 30 exercises per section. It really depends on how much practice, and how much repetition, your students need.

How Much Should Homework Be Worth? This is a tricky question. I feel that you must make it worth it for the student, but I’m cautious about weighting it too heavily. I typically make all MyMathLab work worth 20-25% of the overall grade, including quizzes. (This semester the homework is worth 0% and serves as a prerequisite for section quizzes – see this blog post for more information.)

Deadlines I set firm deadlines, and I think they are vital for getting students involved. I open homework the day before I cover the section in class, and it is due on the 3rd night after I cover it. For example, if I am going to cover section 3.4 on Tuesday, I open the assignment on Monday and it is due Thursday night.


I hope that you found this helpful. If you have any MyMathLab questions, please send them to me. I’m working on a future “MyMathLab Q&A” blog.


I am a math instructor at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA. I can be reached through the contact page on my web site.


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